Graphic Design

Graphic Design is the process of visually communicating and problem solving through the use of typography, photography, and illustration. We will work with you to design a look for your company that adequately defines what you stand for! 


T-Shirts are an awesome way to promote your brand and to offer something personalized to your target audience. They can help distinguish your brand apart from others and make you and your clients or supporters stand out in meetings or at events. Visual imagery is very important but can be a fun creative process all the while.

Digital Signage

When you offer a numerous menu or catalogue of items or services, it may be best to show your clients a more modern display of choices. Using digital imagery on a monitor that relates to your clients and looks good, will not only draw their attention but it will keep it.

Program Visuals

Graduations, Church Services, and any Special Events need a program Order of Events Bulletin. With the right arrangement, pictures, and information, your program bulletin can be more…It can be your work of art. A masterpiece!


So…what color do you have in mind? Did you know that color can increase brand recognition by 80%? (University of Loyola) We will look at the meanings and feelings associated with colors.